Posted by Farza Sa'ad

Malaysia’s Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC), a streetwear brand popularized as “The Pride of Southeast Asia” presents their latest collection PMC x Ghostbusters, in collaboration with pop-culture’s most iconic ghost hunters, the Ghostbusters.

Nostalgia plays a role in our unending love for Ghostbusters which became a fond childhood memory for many. The iconic movie has been entertaining and delighting audiences of all ages for the past 35 years, which provides the perfect opportunity for a celebration of the upcoming sequel Ghostbusters: Afterlife releasing in November 2021. While waiting for the new movie release, PMC has teamed up with Ghostbusters on a collaboration that brings you the vintage feels of the pop icon and modern streetwear storytelling.

The collaboration brings everything you would expect from the two icons coming together, with plenty of inspirations drawn from the 1980’s film. Among the iconic pieces, the collection offers 15 different products that consists of t-shirts, bowling shirts, jackets, and swim shorts with designs that vary with inspirations from the Ghostbusters flick featuring iconic scenes from the movie, vintage elements and it’s standout logo.

PMC x Ghostbusters is available online now!

Check out the rest of the collection here!